Play With The Right Clues In Wordwhizzle

Promises to be different with plenty of fun, but does WordWhizzle stand out? Read on to find more about this game that has a great premise.

Wordwhizzle iconAbout WordWhizzle

The developers behind games like WordBubbles and Wordcross – Apprope- has designed WordWhizzle. While the main game is free for download, you will find in-app purchases. The app first debuted on Google Play, but the developers have released an Android version too.

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How to get started?

The task in the game is rather easy and much like many other games – There is one clue and you need to guess words using letters that are placed in a grid. You can use your finger in any direction, as long as you are making the right word. For tough levels, you can use hints, and as needed, more can be purchased from the store. Keep in mind that hints may be needed for latter levels, so it is a wise idea to use them wisely. The guesses sometimes can be very easy, and hence, you should check on the clue.

What’s good?

WordWhizzle is indulging, despite being in a genre that’s often known to be overdone. One can play the game with Facebook friends too, and there is a nice tutorial to get started. With over 700 themed levels to be played, the game works big time, and the design and interface are well done, with plenty of colors that add more fun to the happenings.

What’s not great?

The game has constant banner ads at the bottom of the screen, which is not worth appreciating. You can go ad-free for real cash though. As compared to many other games, the purchases are expensive, so make sure to use wisely.

Final verdict

In a genre that’s repetitive and boring, WordWhizzle is serious fun and works big time. You will probably love this one.