Roll With More Puzzles In 1 Pic 8 Words

1 Pic 8 Words is a great entertaining game revolving around word guessing and picture clues, promising great fun for all kinds of players.

1 Pic 8 Words iconAbout 1 Pic 8 Word

The game is free, but there are in-app purchases within the app, which will help the player to stay afloat. The game has been designed and released by Y A QU A. Sadly, there is only an iOS version, so Android users will have to wait for a bit for this one.

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How to get started?

If you are looking for a simple game, this one is rather very easy to understand. The main task is to find the eight words that are included in a picture clue. The images used in the game is very varied, starting from sports, monuments, objects, to animals, cooking, landscapes and much more. Also, there are letters for every single word, to make things easier. If you cannot solve a puzzle, there are special coins, which will help you find the right letters. You can buy more coins as needed from the store. Rewards are also given for puzzles, where all the 8 words are guessed quickly.

What’s good?

For those who love guessing games, 1 Pic 8 Words is a sheer pleasure for the fact that it doesn’t make big promise but offers greatly at many levels. There are hundreds of puzzles, which will make things fun, while the developers have also promised to add picture puzzles as we move on. The design and theme are well balanced.

What’s not great?

With so many Android users around the globe, it is rather a sad thing that the developers haven’t released an app for the platform.

Final verdict

If you haven’t tried 1 Pic 8 Words, this one should be worth a check for the right reasons like a quick balanced premise and some great puzzles.

Enjoy Fun Styled Word Guessing In Wordspace

Think you love words and guessing? WordSpace is among the cutest games of the genre, offering plenty of fun for all kinds of players.

WordSpaceAbout WordSpace

Blue Wind, which has designed games like Jelly Pop Free and Original Snake Lite, has come up with the funny game WordSpace. The main game is free for download and is available for iOS and Android. There are in-app purchases within the app, intended to help the player.

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How to get started?

WordSpace starts with a tutorial, and there are more than 400 levels to be solved. The task is to guess words using letters, which are placed in a grid. The grid size will increase as you move high, so while the initial grids have one word to be guessed, others have more. It is important that the letters are used in right order to find the words, as otherwise the game may look confusing. If a level looks to tough, you can use hints, which are available for additional purchases. Keep in mind that the game can be hard at higher levels, so hints should be used wisely.

What’s good?

When it comes to design and interface, the developers have tried to do something different and it shows. WordSpace also has a huge number of levels, and that itself is a good reason to get started. With a tutorial at the start, the game does work for all players, no matter their age.

What’s not great?

You may find a black screen appearing suddenly on the screen, which is kind of weird. None of the puzzles have clues, which can make things complicated after the first few levels.

Final verdict

If you are looking for random word guessing with a better experience, WordSpace should suffice most of the needs in a good way.

Have Fun with Soccer in Who’s the Player

Wondering how you can enjoy the best of guessing and football together? Who’s the Player is the perfect game to get started with both.

 Who's the Player iconAbout Who’s the Player

ARE Apps Ltd, which has done similar games in the past, has come up with “Who’s the Player? Free Football Soccer Sport Quiz Word Pic Game”. The game is currently available for iOS only. The main app is free, but there are in-app purchases that are intended to help the player.

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How to get started?

More often than not, guessing games feel the same, and Who’s the Player may also seem like a general app of the same niche. However, it does retain its charm for its amazing theme of football players with more than 1600 players from varied leagues and teams to be guessed. The task is simple, where you have to guess the right football player using clues. Apart from picture clues, you will also have a set of jumbled letters. If you are struck at any level, coins will help you find the right answer. Coins can also be purchased for real cash as needed.

What’s good?

Who’s the Player is pretty much a steal for anyone who loves soccer and has a thing for the players. The game doesn’t boast of many things, but the design and interface is well done in a simple way. What’s also great is the huge number of puzzles, to keep players going.

What’s not great?

The game doesn’t have an Android version for now, which is kind of disappointing. Also, the size of the game is big, which may be a problem for some users.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a game that offers great fun with football players, this one is worth all the guessing time you spend.

Great Fun With Many Puzzles In Word Smart

Word Smart – A Brain Training Game is a new word guessing game that has been tweaked for the elements to offer incredible gaming experience.

Word Smart iconAbout Word Smart

Hi Studio Limited has developed and released the game with a promise of offering great fun with words and letters. Word Smart is available for iOS and Android for free, but there are in-app purchases, which will help the player for the tougher levels.

How to get started?

It’s good to approach Word Smart without too many features as it has a simple interface but great gaming value. There are a total of 580 puzzles in 30 packs, which is huge. In each puzzle, you will have letters that are placed in a grid, and you have to swipe your fingers up, down, left, right, diagonally, and even backwards to find the right words. If you are struck at any point, you can use hints to get ahead. The higher packs have 6×6 grids and beyond, which is great for those who are looking for more difficulty levels. It is also essential to solve one pack to move to the next.

What’s good?

The design and interface of the game is simple, probably because the developers wanted to just focus on the puzzling and guessing value. There are just too many levels, so there’s no way that players would get bored. For a word game lover, this one is pure bliss.

What’s not great?

There are many ads at the bottom of the screen along with full screen ads that come from time to time. For regular players, this can be annoying.

Final Verdict 

For those who want a simple game with some puzzle value and great but simple features, Word Smart is a good alternative with limited purchases, and it works well for all ages.

Keep Guessing with Grids in Word Cubes

Word Cubes is an interesting word guessing game, which promises plenty of fun in the genre with the right number of changes and tweaks.

Word CubesAbout Word Cubes

The game is free for download, and both iOS and Android users can download it, with in-app purchases, which are intended to help. Word Cubes has been developed and released by Best Word Game Studio, promising to be a game that will entice all kinds of players.

How to get started?

The game starts with a tutorial, following which, you will find 30 different packages full of exciting puzzles. Your task here is to guess words from the letters that are placed in a grid, and you can just swipe your finger up, down, left, right and diagonally to find the answers. The initial puzzles are small, but there are six grid modes – 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7, and therefore, the game will get tough after a point. If you are struck, there are hints that will help you in solving the puzzle by revealing the letters for each word puzzle.

What’s good?

From the premise to the interface and design, everything in this game is fun and happening with no complex elements, and that’s a good thing. There is also a practice session, which will help the players, and not to forget, there are many puzzles in more than 30 packs.

What’s not great?

Ads, and more ads! Apart from the constant ads at the bottom of the screen, you will be annoyed with the full screen ads that keep on coming from time to time. Some of the levels can seem hard too.

Final verdict

There are many puzzles in Word Cubes that you can play for days to come. Thanks to the simple premise, the fun continues for a long time and that’s worth the experience.

Crosswords In A Different Way In Crossword Quiz

Crossword Quiz is a fun game around crosswords, but with a whole range of surprises and tweaks, which totally ups the overall game play

Crossword QuizAbout Crossword Quiz

Crossword Quiz has been designed and released by Conversion, LLC, which has previously come up with some great guessing games like Guess The Emoji. The main game is free for download on both iOS and Android, with in-app purchases that will help the players to stay afloat in the game.

How to get started?

For those who have played crosswords, they will probably find Crossword Quiz very effective. The game is on the same lines, except that you can choose to play in categories. There are brands, movies, the 90s, music, celebrities, characters and sports, and only first four categories are free. The others must be opened with points, which can be earned for right answers or purchased from the store. Every crossword comes with puzzles, which must be solved using emoji clues. You can also use the points earned to remove letters, solve the puzzle or expose the right letters, when you are struck at any level.

What’s good?

If you want to find a game that’s beaming with guessing and puzzling value, Crosswords Quiz can be the ideal choice for more than a few reasons. The game has a great design and theme, and overall, all the features seem unique and effective at the same time.

What’s not great?

The game doesn’t have many lags, but the point that every level is unlocked after the previous one is completed can be annoying. Some of the levels are also pretty hard for starters.

Final verdict

If you have been addicted to crosswords as a kid, this one will make sense. Give a try to Crossword Quiz, because it tries hard to be different and works wonders in that way.

Word Guessing Fun Just Got Upgraded In 22 Clues

Get entertained with picture clues like never before with 22 clues, which promises to make word guessing a total new passion for all kinds of players.

22 Clues IconAbout 22 Clues

Second Gear Games has released the game, and it’s free for download for both iOS and Android. The game does have a few in-app purchases, which will help the player. The game mainly appeals for its unique tweaks and it does resemble to 3 Circles, which is also by the same developer.

How to get started?

Word guessing games always feel the same, but that’s not the case with this one. Instead of just pictures to guess the answer, you also have crossword-like questions, and quotes to find answer. If you are struck at any point, there are coins, which can bail you out with revealing answers and right letters. Do that all the puzzles in each of the levels must be crossed before you can actually move to the next! Also, the hints are expensive, and it is best that you use it wisely for the needs of answers.

What’s good?

If you love word guessing games, 22 Clues will hook you for the right reasons. The game can be played in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish languages, which is commendable. As for the theme and design of the premise, things have been well planned for sure. The levels are quite complicated from the started, which is also a good thing.

What’s not great?

With a few popping ads, the game seems to be in place, except for the fact that there are just 20 levels, so you can be done quite soon.

Final verdict

On the whole, this is a unique game for all kinds of players, but do take your personal try to know if this works for you in the right ways.

Play engaging Word-Pic puzzles with 3 Circles

Have been enjoying pic-word games? Get more fun as you play 3 Circles, which packs a whole range of new features and tweaks the genre for great results.

3 Circles IconAbout 3 Circles

3 Circles has been designed and developed by Second Gear Games. The game is available for both iOS and Android platforms and is free for download. There are in-app purchases within the app, which is intended to help the player. 3 Circles mainly works for its amazing premise and great design.

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How To Get Started?

In every level of 3 Circles, there are many puzzles, and one must clear all puzzles in the previous one to unlock the next. All total, there are 24 levels, which makes it great fun. For each puzzle, you have three pictures for the right words, and you have to guess all. Once done, you need to guess the final word that relates to all three pictures. For the words, you have grouped letters that must be matched. If you are struck, you don’t need to worry much as there are coins, which will be used for revealing letters or the right. Coins, as expected, can be purchased as needed.

What’s Good?

English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese are some of the languages in which the game can be played. 3 Circles makes the genre much more interesting than most other games of the same kind, and that must be credited for the theme, design and features. All in all, this is a big game that would appeal to all players.

What’s Not Great?

With the exception of a few popping ads, the game is easy to understand and doesn’t slog at any point.

Final verdict

3 Circles is effective for all the right reasons, and for those who want to enjoy a new game with word guessing, this works big time.

Test Your Puzzle Skills Uniquely In Quizaz

Quizaz is yet another fun addition to the picture-word puzzle genre, only with better features, tweaks and premise, making it an ideal choice for most players.

Quizaz iconAbout Quizaz

Poptacular Ltd has designed the app, which is free for download for iOS and Android users and there are in-app purchases. The game mainly works for the premise, and the developers have ensured that players stay hooked for the longest time.

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How to get started?

Touted as the A to Z Picture Quiz, the game has its heart in the right place. For every puzzle, you have a set of letters and four clues in the same picture. The idea is to use the least possible clues and get the answer right. If you cannot find the answer, there are hints, which can be earned or purchased as needed to reveal the right letters. When you want to spend money, you can choose to pay real cash and skip the puzzle for next. The game is very tough from the initial levels, although it will be liked by the kids too.

What’s good?

There are more than 2400 puzzles in the game, which is a reason good enough to get started. The onstruction of the puzzle is equally good and effective and it should appeal to all kinds of players. The design, sound and theme are also in great sync and should make an impact.

What’s not great?’

One expects that a tutorial would have been given to makes things easy, which isn’t the case. Secondly, there are just too many ads all over, right from full screen ones to the ads at the bottom of the screen.

Final verdict

Quizaz is worth the time and energy, for the sheer fact that it packs a good number of puzzles and ensures that the game play is engaging enough.

Great Features and Unique Premise in Kezako: Mystery Pic

Kezako: Mystery Pic has managed to be  in the list of few word guessing games that retains its spot for a unique style and great features.

Kezako iconAbout Kezako: Mystery Pic

While there are in-app purchases within the app, players will be happy to know that Kezako: Mystery Pic is free for download for both iOS and Android. As a word guessing game, the app is well balanced and has been designed and released by Scimob. There are in-app purchases that will help players in getting ahead with levels that seem hard.

How to get started?

The game starts with levels that have many puzzles. In each puzzle, you have a spinning wheel, a set of letters and an image, which has been divided in squares. You basically need to spin the wheel and use the clues to guess the word related at the earliest to win maximum rewards. As you advance, the squares start getting smaller, and the levels get tougher. The game has coins, which can be earned via the wheel or for right answers. The coins can be used to remove and reveal right letters, so you can easily get ahead as needed.

What’s good?

The best thing about Kezako: Mystery Pic is the fact that it brings so much to the genre. There are some great features, and the number of levels is just too huge. The game also works for its unique and planned theme with great design, sounds and interface.

What’s not great?

While hints are easy to get and all things are in place, the game has full screen video ads that can be pretty irritating.

Final verdict

If you have been trying to find a new game with twists and turns, Kezako: Mystery Pic should be the right one for its amazing features and great design!