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Get More Fun With Picture-Word Guessing In Apensar

Word guessing around picture clues gets more fun with better elements in Apensar: Guess the Word. Read to find why this can be your app.

Apensar IconAbout Apensar

ICO Group has designed and released the app, and the game is available in three languages, including Portuguese, which was added recently. Apensar is available for free on iOS and Android, although in-app purchases within the app.

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How to get started?

Apensar has a tutorial at the start, which will tell you of the task. The main job for the player is to find a word, using four very different picture clues that have something in common. There is a set of letters that should be used to find the right answer. If you are struck at a level, you can use hints to skip the answer of reveal the right letter. Please note that the game is tough and hints must be purchased for real cash when you need, so it is wise to use them wisely. A few hints are free at the start.

What’s good?

You can seek help for games on social media, and the game can be played in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. Overall, Apensar scores well in most departments, and the interface is simple but effective in many ways. Make sure that you deal with the puzzles well as they do test your brain, and you may need to seek help from friends more often than you think.

What’s not great?

Honestly, the hints are rather expensive, and you may need them pretty frequently. Also, there are constant banner ads at the bottom of the screen, which kill the fun.

Final verdict

Apensar is genuinely fun and happening, and unless you want to find faults by choice, this game should be on your device.

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